Our Projects

A list of our projects

Blueberry Funding


Nhimbe raised a USD 2.9 Million local bond for blueberries, which has been fully subscribed by Old Mutual.

A further USD 4 Million was raised offshore for blubbery infield equipment.
This will fund 60 HA of the 200 HA blueberry project to be undertaken by Nhimbe for the next 5 years beginning September 2020.
The project will also see an increase in the Spanish Strawberry varieties and Raspberries. All these will be marketed by United Exports.

The current export pea program will increase to 100 HA next season with 60 percent coming from Nhimbe outgrowers.

A JV agreement has been signed with farmgate to fund and manage the 82.5 HA of stone fruit on Churchill farm which will be marketed through United Exports.

This has opened the way for a big Nhimbe fruit outgrower program in Mash East province in Avocados, macadamia nuts pecan nuts, and Lemons, all destined for the UAE markets.