Nhimbe Fresh Exports’ robust and extensive infrastructure
is at the heart of the company’s sustainability.

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Nhimbe Fresh farms have a well-established infrastructure that includes larges dams, underground pipelines, and modern pivots and drip irrigation schemes.Supporting this on Rakodzi farm is a large British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited pack house of 5,000 square meters, with blast chiller and cold room capacity to hold over 150 tons of produce. A six-lane Aweta automated fruit sorter and Marco weighing system augment the facility.Other buildings include a potato grading shed with mechanical grader, tobacco curing facilities with capacity for 120 hectares, workshop and offices, a clinic, store and nursery school.All farms have well laid out brick housing villages for permanent employees supplied with electricity and water, and well-appointed management housing.

Nhimbe Fresh has partnered with GridX Africa for pilot 1 megawatt solar power project. This unit will supply Nhimbe Fresh’s entire electricity needs with the surplus to be sold back to the national grid. This will improve Nhimbe Fresh’s carbon footprint.

Nhimbe Fresh has also partnered with Sun Exchange to deliver Nhimbe's energy needs.