To be successful, sustainability and environment go hand in hand. Conservation is the key and Nhimbe strives through its operational practices to and protocols to preserve the environment and its value to our children’s future.

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Nhimbe Fresh, being dependant on the land and water resources, is focused on protection of its environment. Dam walls are maintained and kept free of bush and tree encroachment and stocked periodically with fish. All lands are contoured with water courses, while the catchment and wetlands are protected and managed to minimise erosion.No indigenous wood can be cut on farm. Noxious weeds are cut out and sustainable plantations of renewable timber have been established where suitable. Annual Global GAP audit  forms part of this assessment. Cattle herds are run within the carrying capacity of the land.

The waste water and effluent from the pack house, is managed through a Bio Wetland natural system. The water is pumped through a column of nitrifying bacteria, and then flows through a series of ponds and plant beds to purify the water. A wildlife and conservancy area, Gosho Park, was established in 1984 in conjunction with the bordering Peterhouse Group of schools. The game park holds most of the species of antelope, pristine indigenous woodland and diverse birdlife. Tree and aloe societies have marked trails through the park and school parties can stay at the bush camp, from which educational programs are run.