An experienced management team leads our operations

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Thompson Venda - Pack House Manager

Thompson has managed the prepared and premium production in the packhouse since 1999. Qualified by experience, he is supported by experienced Quality Control, Logistics and Maintenance teams.

Elias Issa - Churchill Production Manager

Elias has been with the company for 8 years and is managing operations on Churchill. This includes stone fruit, export peas, potato, tomato and seed maize production.

Juda Samajakaira - Berry Manager

Juda ran Zimbabwe Nurseries for several years before joining the company in 2011, and as an experienced nurseryman he has been involved in blueberry propagation and production for the last six years., and has visited Oz Blu production sites in South Africa regularly. He has recently taken raspberry production under his wing.

Phineas Zhande - Tobacco Manager

Phineas has been with the company for 6 years and has over 25 years of experience in tobacco production. He runs a tight ship on a return per hectare basis. Under his charge, the company has been placed in the top ten growers at Northern Tobacco in the last 4 years.

Michael Machipisa - Human Resources Manager

Michael Machipisa has been with Nhimbe since its inception in 2001, and brings considerable experience to the critical function of maintaining good relationships between management and employees, as well as supporting the social responsibility functions demanded by ETI, BRC and Global GAP protocols.