Company History

Founded In 1996, HibernTrading (Private) Limited, incorporated as an Export Processing Zone (“EPZ”) registered company and expanded the packhouse in 1998.

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Hibern Trading (Private) Limited, trading as Mitchell & Mitchell Fresh Exports was incorporated as an Export Processing Zone (“EPZ”) registered company in 1997. Between then and 2003 the packhouse expanded to be the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. The business employed 13,000 across Zimbabwe and exported over 6,5 million kgs of fresh produce per annum to UK and EU markets with a value of US$18 million. Mitchell & Mitchell Fresh Export’s expansion in production capacity included joint ventures, one of which was Kondozi, in Odzi where a satellite pack house was built. After the rerun election in July 2008, Tesco pulled out of Zimbabwe overnight. leaving Mitchell & Mitchell Fresh Exports without a market, and in November 2009, the directors liquidated the EPZ business. In 2009, Ngepi Trust and Rollex SA established a company called Rollex Zimbabwe and established a freight forwarding facility at the Harare airport to handle fresh exports from Zimbabwe.


Rollex Zimbabwe also invested in production on ex Mitchell and Mitchell farms, planting 200 ha of stone fruit and a rotation of export vegetables, and re-engaged the UK and EU markets supplying fresh fruit and vegetables. In 2012 Rollex in SA  sold its shareholding in both South Africa and Zimbabwe to Lonrho plc, an LSE listed company. That gave birth to b Lonrho Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, that later went through an asset split process to create Lonrho Fresh Exports (Pvt) Ltd and  Lonrho Logistics (Pvt) Ltd. In 2014, Horizon 21, a Swiss-based investment company purchased Lonrho plc and delisted the company from the LSE. In 2016, Lonrho plc entered into a share swap transaction with Ngepi Trust, for 100% of Lonrho Fresh Exports in return for 100% of Lonrho logistics. Lonrho Fresh Exports was then renamed Nhimbe Fresh Exports.